Chart Templates

Creating, using and modifying chart templates

Creating a chart template

To create a template, start by creating a chart containing one or more instruments. Add indicators, strategies and styling as desired, then select the toolbar option "Templates > Create Template". Enter a name of the template and hit OK. The template will be created and made available from the "Templates" button on the toolbar.

Applying a template to a chart

To use an existing template, open an instrument in a chart and then click on the desired template from the "Templates" button on the toolbar, and select "Apply". The template will update the instrument in the chart with the styles, indicators and strategies from the template (indicators and strategies in the chart that are not in the template will be removed).

If a chart contains more than one instrument, these will substitute the instruments in the template in the order they are found, additional instruments in the chart will remain unchanged.

Tools that are attached to an instrument will remain after a template has been applied.

Using a template to create new charts

To have all new charts creating using a specific template, check the toolbar option "Templates > [Template Name] > Use to create new charts". The name of the template in the Templates menu will be updated to indicate it is the one used to create new charts. Only one template can be set to be used to create new charts. Repeat this process to select a new template for this task.

To stop automatically using a template when creating new charts, uncheck the current template by clicking on the "Templates > [Template Name] > Use to create new charts" option for the currently selected template.

Renaming a template

A template may be renamed by selecting the toolbar option "Templates > [Template Name] > Rename", entering a new name in the dialog that is shown, and selecting OK.

Deleting a template

A template may be deleted by selecting the toolbar option "Templates > [Template Name] > Delete", and then selecting OK.

Any charts automatically synced with a deleted template will no longer be linked with it.

Modifying a template

To modify an existing template, first select the toolbar option "Templates > [Template Name] > Edit". If you have an open chart, you will be asked to close it and replace it with the template. It is recommended to always edit a template in a new, empty chart window.

When the template is open, make any changes to it and then select "Templates > Finish editing" from the toolbar. Then select "Yes" to save the changes. Any charts that are using this template and have the "Auto-sync with template" enabled, will now automatically update to reflect the changes made.

Keeping a chart synchronised with a template

Charts may be auto-synced with their most recently applied template. When auto-syncing is enabled for a chart any changes made to a template will automatically be applied to the chart (if opened or saved). The second effect of auto-syncing, is that changes made to that chart that differ from the template will be reset when the chart is next loaded (or otherwise synced with the template). Only changes to the instrument, or the addition, removal or modification of tools will be persisted with a auto-synced chart.

To toggle auto-syncing for a chart with a template, click on the toolbar option "Templates > Auto-sync with Template". Auto-syncing is enabled if a check mark is next to the option.

Template options

Various options relating to template can be toggled from the toolbar menu "Templates > Options". These include: 

  • Set auto-syncing for charts created with a template
    With this option set, if a new chart is created using a template (see section "Using a template to create new charts" above), then the option "Auto-sync with Template" will automatically be turned on for that chart.
  • Set Auto-syncing for charts after manually applying template
    With this option set, if a template is applied to an existing chart (see section "Applying a template to a chart" above), then the option "Auto-sync with Template" will automatically be turned on for that chart.