Equilla Formula Language

Working with Strings

Equilla is providing a number of functions and constants to assist you when dealing with strings.

String Functions

Name Description
CStr Converts an expression into a string.
Format Converts an expression into a string using a format specification.
InStr Searches one string within another.
Join Concatenates a number of strings.
Left Returns the first characters from string.
Len Returns the length of a string.
Lower Converts a string into a lowercase string.
Mid Returns a substring.
Right Returns the last characters from a string.
Space Returns a string containing a number of space characters.
Trim Returns a string with leading and trailing whitespace removed.
Upper Converts a string into an uppercase string.
Replace Replaces matching substrings in a string with another string.
Split Splits the string and places the results into a dynamic array.

String Constants

Name Description
DoubleQuote Returns the double quote character (").
EURSymbol Returns the European Union Euro currency symbol.
GBPSymbol Returns the Pound Sterling currency symbol.
JPYSymbol Returns the Japanese Yen currency symbol.
NewLine Returns a newline character.
SingleQuote Returns the single quote character (').
Tab Returns the Tab character that can be used to lay-out text in a table like way.
USDSymbol Returns the United States Dollar currency symbol.