Equilla Formula Language


Returns a list of imported instruments.


String: Either a data feed specific instrument list code (e.g. Reuters Chain 0#.DJI) or a path to a symbol list in the Toolbox (e.g. //folder/listname). If the list name contains any '/' characters they have to be prefixed with a '\'. You can also drag & drop symbols from the toolbox instead of typing them manually.
String: (Optional) A string expression specifying additional arguments for the requested instruments in the format "[Period][FID][Unit][Currency]".
Numeric: (Optional) Specifies the maximum number of instruments that should be imported. If omitted all instruments attached to the specified list will be imported.


The List function returns zero or more instruments. To determine how many instruments have been imported use the Len function.


Import all constituents of the German DAX 30 (Reuters) and calculate the average
Instruments: instrList( List( "0#.GDAXI" ) ); // Reuters Chain RIC Variables: count( 0 ), prices( 0 ), i( 0 ); count = 0; prices = 0; For i = 0 To Len( instrList ) - 1 Begin If IsValid( Close of instrList( i ) ) Then Begin count = count + 1; prices = prices + Close of instrList( i ); End; End; If count >; 0 Then DrawLine( prices / count, "Average" );