Equilla Formula Language


Retrieves the numerical trader id for a given user name, which can be compared against the values in the Buyer and Seller fields of a bar. Must be supported by the upstream data feed. When supported, Buyer and Seller information is available in tick-by-tick series only.


String: The registered user name which to retrieve the trader identification for.


The given trader name must be registered with the upstream data feed. If the name cannot be matched against an id, 0 will be returned.


When applied to tick charts, indicates if a given user participated in each trade. Buy will be marked with a B, sell with an S
Meta: Subchart( false ); Vars: MyTraderId( GetTraderId( "John Doe" ) ); If Buyer = MyTraderId Then DrawText( Close, "MyTrade", "B", 10, Blue, AlignTop ) Else If Seller = MyTraderId Then DrawText( Close, "MyTrade", "S", 10, Green, AlignTop );

See also:

Buyer; Seller; GetTraderName;