Equilla Formula Language


Sets whether the required back buffer sizes should be determined by analysing the code at compile time.


Boolean: Enables or disables the enhanced back buffer detection.


In many cases the number of bars referenced by an indicator or a strategy can be determined before the actual evaluation starts. This can massivly increase the evaluation speed of these objects. However if a complex logic is used to access historic values the precalculated number of bars might be bigger than it actually has to be. Use this property to disable the precalculation of the required buffer sizes.


Calculate a moving average by considering the available data
Meta: EnhancedBufferDetection(False); Input: Period(10, 1); Variables: i, bars, barSum; bars = MaxItems(CurrentBar, Period); barSum = 0; For i = 0 to bars - 1 barSum = barSum + Close[i]; DrawLine(barSum / bars, "Average");