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Q: How to use the Equilla Formula Language?

A: The Script language Equilla is a very powerful programming language to create indicators, own strategies or other analysis tools. The syntax is easy to learn and include many trading specific features. Take a look at the Equilla Help or the Equilla Quick Start.


Q: How to use the Forward Curve Wizard?

A: A Forward Curve in Tradesignal allows you to obtain a visualization of the forward or futures prices on a given date for a given commodity. continue.


Q: How to use the Spread Wizard?

A: Spread indicators calculate the difference of two given security price series. continue.


Q: How to use and read the Performance Report?

A: The Performance Report offers statistical data from the operation or backtest of a trading system. continue.


Q: How to use the Code Editor?

A: For writing and editing scripts written in the Equilla language (which is in-built in Tradesignal), an Equilla editor is available. It supports programming by highlighting code areas and comments in different colors. continue.


Q: Do Tradesignal Chart provide a way to add a predefined set of indicators and visual styles to a chart?

A: Yes, you find a full help for the Templates on this page.


Q: Can I see a Tour to learn more about the usage of Tradesignal Chart?

A: Take a few moments to check out some of the powerful features of Tradesignal Chart. continue.


Q: Do you provide a list of changes for new versions of Tradesignal Chart?

A: Yes, you can find a list of changes for each new release in this What's New section.


Q: What is the App Studio in Eikon?

A: The App Studio is a way to enhance the functionality of Thomson Reuters Eikon. More information you can find on the product site of Thomson Reuters or in this Blog.

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